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Who I am

I’m Adrien TIBI and I founded Erebus Studio in 2009 while studying graphic design, illustration and webdesign.

After completing my studies at LISAA, the Superior Institute of Applied Arts in Paris, France (, I embarked on a professional journey that led me through various roles in web design, motion design, and web project management within different agencies.

My focus lies in graphic design, web design and development, and sound design. I’ve worked on diverse projects, from creating CD layouts, brochures, and photography to ensuring responsive web design & development adhering to W3C standards. Motion design and the intricacies of sound recording & mixing are integral aspects of my creative toolkit.

Based in Lyon, France, I’m dedicated to crafting a unique audiovisual identity. Whether it’s bringing your vision to life visually or sonically, my aim is to provide a distinctive and refined touch …

Some of my previous clients include:

MusicAgalloch ( USA ), Asubha ( USA ), Blake’s Optimism ( FR ), Dementia Ad Vitam ( FR ), Drudkh ( UKR ), Dorian SRed ( FR ), Feigur ( FR ), Forteresse ( CAN ), Germ ( AUS ), Isolation ( GER ), Losless ( FR) , Nachtmystium ( USA ), Ordo Obsidium ( USA ), Red City Noise ( FR ), Sferatü ( FR ), Axiis Music, Debemur Morti Productions, Eisenwald Tonschmiede …

Enterprises & institutions — Arthésis, Buzzeum, CCIR Rhône-Alpes, Geolid, INRA Paris, Manta Cuir, Musée National du Moyen-Âge ( Paris Cluny ), Sport Liberté …